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A new app to help you deepen your prayer life


Ordinary people connecting with an extraordinary God

Prayer is the simplest thing to do – you just talk to God.

But many times what we call prayer, really isn’t prayer. It is more of a monologue, a shopping list or sometimes, a gripe session.

Prayer is about normal people like us connecting with an extraordinary God!

The Pray Always App is provides training, encouragement in your daily prayer life. It is giving you a place to join others in prayer for their needs and you being prayed for by them.

It is a place that will provide Prayer Journals related to different areas of your life to help you connect with our all powerful God.

Download our free app. It might just be the beginning of a whole new level in your spiritual life.

A Community
Prayer Partners

There is power in praying together!

Matthew 18:19 says, “Again, truly I tell you, if two of you on earth agree about any matter that you pray for, it will be done for you by my Father in heaven.”

The Pray Always App is a community of people who have your back in prayer. Many times as soon as you post a prayer, whether by your name or anomalously, someone will click on the praying hands and actually pray for your request! 

You can post anytime and as many times as you want or need and whenever you need.

Double your prayer power by posting regular requests and by taking the time to pray for others as well.


When you and your partner pray together, it becomes a way of growing closer both to God and to each other. This prayer journal gives couples the tools to deepen their spiritual life together.

The Couples Prayer Journal is a    52-Week series of video devotions, discussion questions and a prayer guide. This Journal is specifically crafted to help husbands and wives pray together once a week and grow in their intimacy for God and each other.

Click on the page above to recieve the Journal and to watch a testimony about how one couple’s marriage was changed by the Couples Prayer Journal.



Praying with Your Spouse Guest Video
Pray with Your Spouse
You are Carrying Too Much
Couples Prayer Journal


We’ve made the Pray Always experience easier to stay connected. Watch our videos, join our live prayer community, and stay connected.


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